The Miniature Artists of America: Colorworks Club Art Gallery Exhibition March 9-31, 1989

Featured MAA Member Artists - Venue: Colorworks Club Art Gallery, Hilton Head Island, SC
The exhibition featured 121 miniature works of art.

Angelini, John M.
Barker, Al
Blake, Jane
Brannigan, Patrick G.
Chadwell, Mary
Cochrane, Margi
Dunne, Jeanne
Ganz, Tykie
Gliessner, Skip
Gruizinga, Fred
Haynes, Richard William
Jaka, Agatha M.
Longley, Pat
Lubeck, Gerald
Markut, Jan
Matteson, Deanna
Morrell, Gary
Ore, F. Marion
Plummer, Carlton
Simonds, Marion
Trundle, Sylvia
Turner, Cyril B.
Whyte, Raymond A.
Woodhouse, Majorie

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